Reading books has always been an important part of my life. Although school life is very busy, I still like to spend time on reading. I liked going to libraries to read or just to wander around, I somehow feel calm and joy when being surrounded by lots of good books. The topics of my reading could be quite broad, but a major part is Science Fiction and Mystery Fiction.

Books that I like

Here are a few books that I liked, listed in no particular order.


  • The Dream of the Red Chamber (红楼梦), by 曹雪芹. This is my favorite classic book.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义), by 罗贯中.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by J.K.Rowling.
  • Harry Potter series, by J. K. Rowling.
  • Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë.
  • The Great Gatsby, by F.Scott Fitzgerald.
  • A song of Ice and Fire, ongoing series of fantasy novels by George R.R.Martin.
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龙八部), by Louis Cha Leung-yung (金庸). I enjoy reading all books by Cha Leung-yung, but this is my favorite one.

Science Fictions

  • Once upon a time in Shanghai (上海堡垒), by Jiang Nan
  • The Three-Body Problem (三体), a trilogy by Liu Cixin.
  • Foundation, by Isaac Asimov. Foundation marks the first of a series of tales set so far in the future that Earth is all but forgotten by humans who live throughout the galaxy.

Mystery Fictions

  • The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.
  • The Devotion of Suspect X, by Higashino Keigo.
  • Journey Under the Midnight Sun, by Higashino Keigo. By the way, the movie is also great.
  • And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie.
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle. Read many many times when I was a child.


  • 1587, a Year of No Significance: The Ming Dynasty in Decline (万历十五年), by Ray Huang (黄仁宇).
  • Bourbaki: A Secret Society of Mathematicians, by Maurice Mashaal.

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